Amber’s Story- Poorly Paws; a long road to recovery.

**Warning- This post contains graphic images***

Amber’s owners first noticed something was wrong when she came back from her night excursions limping badly and dragging one leg. They quickly identified a large wound over her back leg and rushed Amber to South Devon Veterinary Hospital. Amber was seen by Vet John who assessed her wounds and examined Amber for any further damage. Amber was admitted to hospital and started on strong pain relief, fluids and antibiotics. Concerned that the trauma to Amber’s legs may have been caused by a car accident, x-rays were taken of the chest and abdomen to check for further damage as well as of the leg to screen for broken bones. Luckily for Amber she had escaped without any broken bones or internal damage. However, the wounds to her back leg were extensive and very deep. The location and nature of the wounds meant that stitching them closed wasn’t an option. Vets Clare and John were concerned she may end up needing a skin graft or even have to have the leg amputated. Amber was sedated and the wounds flushed extensively with sterile saline. Dressings and bandages were applied to both back legs.

This procedure was repeated on a daily basis for the first week and slowly but surely the wound started to improve. At home Amber’s owners did a great job keeping her rested in a crate and keeping up with her pain relief and antibiotics. Cleaning and flushing were gradually extended to every other day and then every third day with Amber having to be sedated each time as the wounds were so painful. After a month of treatment and no less than 16 dressing changes the bandages came off! Two months since the accident and the fur has started to re-grow and her leg is almost back to normal.

Amber’s story is the reason that all pets should be insured. For Amber the total cost of the dressing changes and recheck s came to over £2500. Thankfully Amber’s owners were able to claim directly on their insurance but it goes to show how the cost of treatment quickly adds up. The dedication and care provided by Amber’s owners saved her leg. Accidents can happen to any pet and the vast majority of conditions won’t have a quick or easy fix. Don’t put yourself in the position where you can’t provide the care your pet deserves. Veterinary staff always want to do the best for your pet but if the funds aren’t available then options can be severely limited.

We are extremely happy to say that Amber is now back to her normal night time adventuring with all four paws in working order! See pictures of Amber’s progress below: