sdvh-x-rayOur X-ray room is lead lined including lead glass in the door allowing us to safely take X-rays. We have lead gowns and thyroid protector to protect staff members on the rare occasions they need to be in the room.

sdvh-digital-x-rayOur advanced digital x-ray system allows vets to take, develop and be interpreting radiographs within minutes allowing for quick diagnosis and clinical planning – our system is a human medical quality system of the highest specification and we have a range of different plate sizes available.

Our floating x-ray table allows us to move the table without always moving the animal for quick positioning. Coupled with good positioning aids and ties it ensures we are always able to take the best possible images.

An anaesthetic machine and dedicated nurse is available. All our anaesthetics are tailored to the patient and continually monitored by a dedicated nurse with the aid of advanced monitoring systems including capnography (which measures carbon dioxide being breathed in and out) and pulse oximeter (which measures oxygen levels in the blood). We have a range of other options for monitoring our patients including ECG and blood pressure where required.