South Devon Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic services that help us accurately diagnose medical conditions. As well as the services described in the menu we are also able to provide:

  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)- to measure electrical activity of the heart.
  • ERG (Electroretinography) – to measure the function of the retina in the eye.
  • Tonometry – to measure the pressure within the eye.
  • Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit lamps- to closely examine the eye.


Stomach and Liver on UltrasoundOur ultrasound machines allow visualisation of internal structures with a range of probes for specific regions of interest – the machine we use is a medical grade machine. We also have a dedicated ophthalmic ultrasound machine used by the ophthalmologists to visualise internal structures of the eye and surrounding tissues.

We are able to offer in house ultrasound scanning as well as referral scanning (both abdominal and echocardiography). We are also able to perform pregnancy diagnosis, sampling of internal tissues and urine collection (cystocentesis) using ultrasound.

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