Ultrasound and Laboratory

sdvh-ultrasound-and-labOur Ultrasound machines allow visualisation of internal structures with a range of probes for specific regions of interest – the machine we use is a medical grade machine. We also have a dedicated ophthalmic ultrasound machine used by the ophthalmologists to visualise internal structures of the eye and surrounding tissues.

An extra long table allows our visiting cardiologists to carry out heart scans. Motorised mechanism allowing patients to be put on to and taken off the table with ease as well as being able to adjust the height between clinicians. The specially designed lighting  allows us to have the lights at a lower level to keep patients calm during scanning and allow better visualisation of the scan.

An anaesthetic machine and dedicated nurse is available if patients need to be under anesthetic during scans. All our anaesthetics are tailored to the patient and continually monitored by a dedicated nurse with the aid of advanced monitoring systems including capnography (which measures carbon dioxide being breathed in and out) and pulse oximeter (which measures oxygen levels in the blood).

Our in-house laboratory facilities allow us to carry out urgent tests that cannot wait for results from an external laboratory. Our advanced blood testing machine provides rapid results including liver and kidney function, protein levels, blood glucose and electrolytes. We can assess the red and white blood cells to guide urgent treatment decisions. Urine samples can be rapidly checked for problems including crystals, kidney problems and infection. Our microscopy staining and examination facilities are used for lots of tests including skin, hair, ear and samples of unknown lumps! We can get samples to an external external veterinary laboratory offering a full range of specialist tests within the hour for urgent cases, and get results the same day.