Tick Removal

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My pet has been given treatment for ticks, why do they still get them?vet-devon-tick-removal

The majority of tick products require the parasite to bite the animal before they take effect. Although you may still see ticks on your dog, if your dog is appropriately treated they will not be able to spread disease and should fall off within 48hrs. It is very important to buy a veterinary licensed product to treat your animal, as many over the counter treatments prove ineffective at killing parasites. Our vets and nurses are the experts and will be able to explain our range of products and find which suits your pet’s lifestyle best.

Why should I remove ticks from my pet?

Although ticks drop off when they have fed, they can pass on nasty illnesses such as Lyme disease during the time they are attached to your pet. Removing them will reduce the risk of these diseases being passed on, but not eradicate them completely.

Can I just pull them off myself?

It is important to remove the entire tick when pulling them off an animal. If they are removed incorrectly, mouth parts can be left behind, which can subsequently become infected. If you are unsure how to remove a tick, it is better to come and have a nurse or vet remove it for you.

For more information check out our tick- FAQ page.