Standard Puppy/ Kitten Pack- £80.85

Standard Puppy/ Kitten pack- £80.85

  • Two primary vaccinations – One at 8 and one at 12 weeks of age. Take a look at our vaccination page for more information on why we vaccinate and what we vaccinate against.
  • Two comprehensive health checks– hopefully just confirms that your new puppy or kitten is fit and well. If there are any health issues, picking them up early ensures we can manage them quickly.
  • Free worming treatment – For puppies this is as a tablet and for kittens either a tablet or a combination spot-on for flea and worming treatment. Have a look at our parasite protection page for more information on flea and worm treatment.
  • Free microchipping – Although most puppies are now microchipped by the breeder should your pup need a microchip this is included free of charge. Kittens are normally microchipped at the second vaccination. Have a look at our microchipping page for more information.
  • Four weeks free pet insurance– Providing all is well we will provide 4 weeks insurance through Pet Plan. Pet insurance is vital to making sure you can provide the best care possible for your new edition.
  • Free information and advice– Ask us any questions you have and we’ll be more than happy to help!

To book your first vaccination and claim your FREE puppy/ kitten pack call us on 01626 367 972 or book online.