We work to provide the best value pet healthcare possible, ensuring the highest possible standards of care yet a fair price. Some common fees are listed below: for any treatment your pet may require we are happy to provide estimates. Healthy Pets Club members get 10% discount off all fees for services and medications provided by the practice.


 Regular PriceHealthy Pets Club Price
First Consultation (Dog/Cat)£25.52£22.97
Repeat Consultation (Dog/Cat)£20.00£18.00
Consultation (Rabbit / Small mammal)£20.00N/A


 Regular PriceHealthy Pets Club Price
Standard Puppy/Kitten Course (2 vaccines)£60.00N/A
Premium Puppy/ Kitten Course (3 vaccines)£120.00N/A
Annual Booster Dog/Cat (inc Lepto4 / FeLV)£30.00Included
Restart Vaccinations Dog/Cat£45.00N/A
Kennel Cough£30.00Included
Kennel Cough (same time as booster)£10.00Included
Rabies Vaccination£45.90£41.31
Rabbit Myxo-RHD or RHD-2£30.00N/A

Dental treatment

 Regular PriceHealthy Pets Club Price
Catfrom £74.24from £66.82
Dog 0-10kgfrom £85.06from £76.55
Dog 10-25kgfrom £97.27from £87.54
Dog 25-40kgfrom £106.85from £96.17
Dog >40kgfrom £130.24from £117.22
Dental X-rays (each)£7.56£6.80

Please note: costs for dental treatment can vary widely depending on the level of dental disease. We always see patients for a consultation prior to booking dental treatment and will discuss likely costs at this time.


 Regular PriceHealthy Pets Club Price
Rabbit (not giant)£48.19N/A
Dog 0-10kg£101.53£91.38
Dog 10-25kg£117.62£105.86
Dog 25-40kg£128.34£115.51
Dog >40kg£139.07£125.16
Retained testicle (keyhole surgery)Same price as laparoscopic (keyhole) spaySame price as laparoscopic (keyhole) spay

Spay (female)

 Regular PriceHealthy Pets Club Price
Cat (open surgery)£66.80£60.12
Rabbit (open surgery, not giant)£69.16N/A
Bitch 0-10kg (open surgery)£141.55£127.40
Bitch 10-25kg (open surgery)£181.97£163.77
Bitch 25-40kg (open surgery)£201.43£181.29
Bitch >40kg (open surgery)£220.44£198.40
Laparoscopic (keyhole) spay 0-20kg£320.00£288.00
Laparoscopic (keyhole) spay 20-40kg£360.00£324.00
Laparoscopic (keyhole) spay >40kg£400.00£360.00

Find out more about the difference between keyhole (laparoscopic) and open spay.