Orthopaedic surgery

South Devon Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of surgical services, operating to the highest standards. We have four dedicated operating theaters providing ophthalmic (eye), soft tissue, orthopedic (bone) and keyhole surgery as well as routine procedures such as neutering and dentistry.  We also offer referral surgical services. To meet our surgeons why not visit our staff page.

Orthopaedic Surgical Services

South Devon Veterinary Hospital is able to offer a wide range of orthopaedic (bone) surgery. This includes repairs of fractures, management of growth abnormalities, management of lameness and spinal disease, treatment of cruciate disease and other joint problems. Offering the best possible orthopaedic service is facilitated not only by having excellent surgical facilities, but also by direct access to onsite advanced diagnostics (especially our CT scanner). CT scanning provides a three dimensional X-ray view and is now an essential part of high quality orthopaedics for pets. It allows much more accurate diagnosis and management of many orthopaedic conditions (for example: assessing many elbow problems without exploratory surgery; assessing spinal disease; identifying fractures that are missed on X-ray). John Harvey is an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery and holds a PgC and the European (ESVPS) Certificate in Small Animal Surgery.

Surgery for cranial cruciate disease

Rupture, or partial rupture, of the cranial cruciate ligament is a common cause of stifle (knee) lameness in dogs (and also cats). There are many treatments available for this condition, and South Devon Veterinary Hospital tailors treatment of this condition to the individual patient (age, weight, activity level and many other factors influence what is the best treatment option). We have on-site access to a physiotherapist who supports best recovery of function for all our cases. Where surgery is indicated we use a range of surgical techniques including: lateral stabilisation (where the knee is stabilised with a nylon prosthetic); TPLO (Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy – a technique where angles in the joint are adjusted by cutting the bone) and TTO (Triple Tibial Osteotomy – another technique where angles in the joint are adjusted by cutting the bone).