Ophthalmic (Eye) Surgery

South Devon Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of surgical services, operating to the highest standards. We have four dedicated operating theaters providing ophthalmic (eye), soft tissue, orthopedic (bone) and keyhole surgery as well as routine procedures such as neutering and dentistry.  We also offer referral surgical services. To meet our surgeons why not visit our staff page.

Ophthalmology Surgical Services

Not only do we offer a specialist ophthalmology referrals for clients referred from other vets practices but these services are also available to clients who use South Devon Veterinary Hospital as their main practice. We are able to offer all types of intraocular and extraocular surgery including:

  • Phacoemulsification cataract surgery and intraocular lens placement
  • Traumatic corneal and intraocular surgery
  • Medical and surgical management of glaucoma including gonio implants
  • Electroretinography (ERG)
  • Entropion and facelift surgery
  • Catholysis
  • Corneal surgery
  • Lens luxation surgery
  • Cryosurgical tumour removal