Operating Theatre (Ophthalmology)


Our ophthalmic operating theater is used solely for ophthalmic procedures. The operating microscope allows our ophthalmologists to undertake the most delicate of procedures at up to ten times magnification. They will routinely use suture material as thin as 0.03mm, less than half the width of a human hair. All staff entering theater must been in clean surgical scrubs, theater shoes and wear a hair net. Our surgeons always wear sterile gloves, disposable gowns and masks.

Our phacoemulsification machine is the same as those used for human cataract surgery and has helped return sight to pets across the South West.  For more information on cataract surgery please visit the South Devon Referrals website. The water bed on the table provides comfort and evenly distributed heat to patients under anesthetic. Adjustable surgical lighting provides bright focused light where needed.

All our anaesthetics are tailored to the patient and continually monitored by a dedicated nurse. Advanced monitoring is always used and includes capnography (which measures carbon dioxide being breathed in and out), pulse oximeter (which measures oxygen levels in the blood), ECG (which measures the electrical activity of the heart) and non-invasive blood pressure. with the aid of capnograph and pulse oximeter with the option of ECG monitoring if required. We also have the facilities to give fluids intraoperatively if required.