Operating Theatre (Endoscopic Surgery)

sdvh-operating-theatre Our first opinion operating theatre has natural light and the option of air conditioning. We have a fully adjustable operating table with pressure sensitive heat mat allowing us to keep our patients of all size warm and comfortable. Ultra bright surgical lighting provides adjustable illumination for surgeries. All staff entering theater must been in clean surgical scrubs, theater shoes and wear a hair net. Our surgeons always wear sterile gloves as well as disposable gowns and masks for the majority of surgeries.

This is where we carry out minimally invasive (keyhole/ laparoscopic) surgery. Internal organs are visualized using state of the art rigid endoscopes. For keyhole spays or biopsy samples we have a very advanced ultrasonic scalpel which is able to cut through and seal blood vessels in one action. A fully adjustable HD monitor displays the images from the endoscope in real time allowing the surgeon to operate in comfort. On the shelf to the image capture system allows us to take photographs and record footage.

All patients undergoing an anaesthetic will have a dedicated   nurse and a protocol tailored to their needs. Advanced monitoring is always used and includes capnography (which measures carbon dioxide being breathed in and out), pulse oximeter (which measures oxygen levels in the blood), ECG (which measures the electrical activity of the heart) and non-invasive blood pressure.