Dog Kennels

We have a dedicated kennel area only used for our canine patients. Its design prevents dogs from seeing one another which can cause unnecessary stress. All our patients get a comfy fleece bed in their kennel as well as fresh water and specialist food according to their needs.

We have accommodation for everyone from Yorkshire Terriers to St Bernards with  smaller raised kennels for little dogs, as well as two large walk in kennels for our biggest patients. To the right we have a large isolation kennel with decontamination room. This kennel has separate airflow to prevent the spread of infection.  We also use this room to for unvaccinated dogs or for patients who need a quiet space away from the other visitors. On admission to the hospital all patients are weighed on the weighing scales to ensure that medication is calculated precisely.

Our kennels are also equipped with an oxygen kennel which creates an oxygen rich environment to assist animals who are having difficulty breathing. A plastic screen to keep the heat in during recovery from anesthetic or for very young puppies. As well as pressure sensitive heat mats to make sure all our patients stay toasty during recovery.