Our flexible videoendoscopes are all human medical grade scopes of the highest quality providing a clear image and excellent fine control. We have four different flexible endoscopes allowing us to look around the mouths, lungs, stomachs and intestines of all sizes of patients. Our smallest scope is only 3.7mm wide, allowing us to look inside the lungs or back of the throats of cats or puppies: our largest scope is 1.5m long so we can get to the intestines of a Great Dane. We also have a wide range of forceps so we can take samples or get hold of a wide range of objects to remove them safely (for example pets that have swallowed fish hooks or balls!)

We also have a range of rigid endoscopes that allow us to examine ears, noses, inside the bladder and many other areas. Again we have sizes suitable for all our patients, a range of special instruments for taking samples and the highest quality video systems.

Our endoscopy tower and recording equipment has a high definition monitor giving us the best possible view, and quality recording equipment allows us to record videos and pictures of what we see.

An extra long table has a special top that catches water – perfect for some endoscopy procedures involving fluid. Motorised mechanism allowing patients to be put on to and taken off the table with ease as well as being able to adjust the height between clinicians.

An anaesthetic machine and dedicated nurse is available if patients need to be under anesthetic during scans. All our anaesthetics are tailored to the patient and continually monitored by a dedicated nurse with the aid of advanced monitoring systems including capnography (which measures carbon dioxide being breathed in and out) and pulse oximeter (which measures oxygen levels in the blood). We have a range of other options for monitoring our patients including ECG and blood pressure where required.