Endoscopy Services

South Devon Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic services that help us accurately diagnose medical conditions. As well as the services described in the menu we are also able to provide:

  • Blood pressure monitoring.
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)- to measure electrical activity of the heart.
  • ERG (Electroretinography) – to measure the function of the retina in the eye.
  • Tonometry – to measure the pressure within the eye.
  • Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit lamps- to closely examine the eye.

Advanced Endoscopic Examinations

South Devon Veterinary Hospital is pleased to be able to offer a full range of endoscopy services, including:

View inside the nose of a dog with rigid endoscope

  • Flexible video endoscopy of upper and lower gastrointestinal tract and upper respiratory tract.
  • Rigid endoscopy of nose, outer and middle ear, urinary tract and vagina.

We have heavily invested in new equipment to allow us to offer these services including medical grade video endoscopes/ rigid endoscopes and high definition cameras and image capture systems. By having a wide range of sizes of scopes and instruments, we are able to help with cases that may be outside the size range of many endoscopes – we have suitable instruments for every patient from a kitten to a Great Dane! This is different to many practices who may offer some endoscopy services, but be limited by only having basic equipment. See our facilities information for some pictures of our endoscopy suite.

View of lungs using flexible videoscope

One of our vets, John Harvey, holds the European (ESVPS) Certificate in Endoscopy and Endosurgery, which is currently the only postgraduate qualification available focused on endoscopy. This ensures endoscopy procedures are carried out to the highest standards.