Our dedicated dental room provides the best environment for dental work but is also designed to prevent aerosolised bacteria being spread to other areas of the practice – this is far superior to a situation of carrying out dental procedures in an open area such as the preparation room.

Our specially designed dental table allows easy access to teeth and drainage for thorough cleaning. Heat mats are used during procedures to keep patients warm.

Revolutionary in the treatment of dental disease our digital dental x-ray allows vets to ‘see’ disease below the gum line. With instant digital development procedures can be done quickly and to the highest level, for more information see our dentals with a difference article. Our state of the art dental equipment includes a high speed drill (for surgical tooth extractions), scaler (to remove calculus), polisher (to smooth and return the teeth to shiny white) and air/ water flush.

As with all our procedures patients have a dedicated anesthetic nurse and are continually monitored using advanced monitoring equipment including capnography (to measure carbon dioxide inhaled and exhaled), pulse oximetry (to measure oxygen saturation in the blood) with the option of ECG monitoring and blood pressure as required. For older patients or those with health complications we have the option of providing intra-operative fluids to help support blood pressure during anaesthesia.