BVA Hip/Elbow Scoring

As a responsible breeder health checking your animals before mating is vitally important. Most pure breeds are genetically predisposed to at least one condition which in some cases can be terminal or life limiting. To prevent theses problems in future generations pre-breeding tests are essential. Hip and eye testing are just some tests to consider. However, if you are thinking of breeding your animal we suggest you make an appointment with a vet so that they can advise you on any potential problems and tests which may be needed.

British Veterinary Association (BVA) Hip/Elbow Scoring

Dogs suffer from both hip and elbow dysplasia both conditions cause lameness and in severe cases are life limiting. ‘Dysplasia’ simply means ‘abnormal growth’ meaning that the joint and surrounding structures aren’t working as they should. Whether or not a dog develops hip/ elbow dysplasia is strongly genetic with a predisposition for certain breeds.

In an effort to minimise the number of animals inheriting this painful condition the BVA and the Kennel Club (KC) have been running a Hip Dysplasia Scheme since 1975. Radiographs (x-rays) are taken to assess the degree of hip or elbow deformity which are evaluated by a panel of experts and used to give a score/ grade. The scheme is open to all dogs and not just those registered with the Kennel Club. Please visit the BVA pages on hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia for more information.

We are happy to offer hip and elbow scoring services to our registered first opinion clients only- for more information please call the practice on 01626 367 972. We do not offer this as a referral procedure if you are registered with a different first opinion practice.